Thursday, March 18, 2010

So...What's the Difference?

For all you faithful readers out there (little chuckle), sorry I have been so bad about posting.  I have been so busy and out of town.  I have been networking like crazy.  I joke that it is probably a bit like Chinese Water Torture for all the people in the networking groups to hear me over and over again "My name is Ginger Jones and I am a speech-language pathologist and I am the owner of Jones Speech-Language Pathology Services".

As I have said before most people don't even know what a speech-language pathologist is so I thought I would post a helpful explanation about the difference between speech and language.

Check out this link from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

ASHA has great resources for professionals as well as the general public.  Check them out on the web.  You can find a link under my helpful links at the top of the page.

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