Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Be a Playful Parent

Play is a child's "work" and is a very important part of a child's life.  It is the way he will discover the world around him.  The best kind of play is fun and engages the child.  Here are some how to's on how to be a playful parent...

1.  Know that any playtime with your child is invaluable.
2.  Make your own creative and use your imagination.  Kids are great at this...adults are the ones that need practice.
3.  Become a child yourself.  Turn a hairbrush into a microphone, a bowl into a hat.
4.  Give it your attention.  When you are playing give your child your FULL attention so that he can develop confidence in what he is doing.
5.  Follow the leader...let your child guide.

Who knows you might even have some fun???

I play and laugh all day long with kids.  They are experts in play and have taught me so much.  Even if it is just for a few minutes, take time every day to really play with your kids.

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