Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back-to-School Time

It's officially that time of year.  Last week one of my patients who is starting her first year of pre-k came to therapy with her backpack that she has just picked out at Target that she just had to show me.  I remember how I use to LOVE back-to-school time when I was growing up.  To this day I love schools. I still work at some schools with contracts I have and I can't explain the way I love it...the kids, the books, the smells, the artwork on the walls.  Maybe it is nostalgia because I always loved school when I was growing up.

For a lot of you all there is some sadness for the loss of the laid back summer routine so I thought I would post some ideas for how to ease back into the school routine.  Feel free to share any ideas you have in the comments section.

- Move bedtime to an earlier time a few weeks before school starts if summer bedtimes have gotten later.

- Establish what your routines for homework, baths, video games/TV, bedtime will be.

- Arrange some outings or playdates with school mates to re-establish connections that may have been lost over the summer.

- Make sure to put a positive spin on going back to school and talk about all the fun things the child will learn and how they will see old friends and make new ones.

- If your child is going to a new school you may want to drive by there and take pictures of the building. You could even make a book about the experience of going to a new school.

All this back-to-school talk makes me want to buy a new box of crayons!

Hope this school year gets off to a great start and it is a year full of learning and laughter for you all.

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