Thursday, January 14, 2010

Favorite Quotes Lately...

Sometimes my kids say the cutest things.  Some are so funny and sweet I just can't stand to correct them.  I just love the way that their brains take the language they have to make their point.  Here are some that made me laugh out loud lately.

One of my kids said her sister went to a house "up in the sky" turns out she meant up on a hill to her friend's house.

I have been working on pronouns she/he, her/him with one of my little ones and yesterday we were having a healthy snack of vegetables and tea party with a boy and girl baby to work on this.  She says to the girl baby "Her, do you want cauliflower?"  I just died laughing!  That's what we "in the biz" call "overgeneralization".  Now I just hope she doesn't go to school today and start addressing her friends and teachers as "her".  

One of favorites from the past is when I asked one of my kids about her dog, Sugar.  Little did I know that Sugar had recently passed away (I have this problem of asking kids about pets right after they have passed away...I am not kidding it has happened to me about 4 times) and she said "Sugar go up" with a sad face and pointed to heaven.  Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Just some that are too sweet not to mention.  

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