Monday, January 18, 2010

Help Me Help You

There was a study conducted in Finland that found that parents who "coped best" with their child's disability considered their own needs as well as those of their children.  I am sure that most parents tend to consider themselves last or not at all.

Here are some caregiver survival tips:

1.  Plan ahead
2.  Learn about available resources
3.  Take one day at a time
4.  Develop contingency plans
5.  Accept Help
6.  Make YOUR health a priority
7.  Get enough rest and eat properly
8.  Make time for leisure
9.  Be good to yourself
10.Share your feelings with others

Easier said than done, I know, but think about the airplane emergency instructions...Parents place your oxygen mask on your face before you place one on your child.  Being able to breathe allows you to think logically instead of just reacting.

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